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The GraspRite Method: The Quick and Easy Guide to Helping Your Child Develop the Essential Fine and Gross Motor Skills Every Elementary Schooler Needs

62 pages, hard cover book: A new photo-based guide with over 30 different exercises can help kids build the strength they need to succeed in school, sports, and everyday living. It’s a supplement for those children with disabilities and developmental delays who are already getting physical and occupational therapy. It’s also useful for kids with milder delays where expensive therapy may not be warranted but where a parent needs a leg up in helping their child build strength and coordination.

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It’s a fidget kit and tool kit based on the book The GraspRite Method. Your kids will love playing with these toys. Carefully crafted by a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, teachers and parents, it includes 11 different items in a see-through canister. All items use nontoxic coatings and meet or exceed U.S. toy testing standards.

Fidgeting has been found to improve learning and memory in children. Psychologists found that children are able to learn and remember more when they fidget.  “Therefore, far from restricting children from moving their hands, if teachers encouraged more fidgeting in class they might find children actually learn more,” said Dr. Karen Pine (the main researcher in this study from the University of Hertfordshire).

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