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Today’s the day to help your child develop daily skills, strength and self-esteem.  We know so much more now than we did in previous generations, but how can you get the knowledge you need for your child?  There’s so much information out on the web nowadays and much of it isn’t good advice.

To GRASP means to understand and to hold. As parents and professionals you don’t have to guess to how to help your child or any child that you are working with.

  • How do you deal with your children when they are crying, complaining, or creating havoc?
  • How do you get your children to do their homework?
  • How do you help children improve their pencil grip?
  • How do you help children who are struggle with large motor and small motor activities in group settings?
  • How do you help children with handwriting?

Well, I’d like to teach you exactly that. If you had system for keeping the peace in your house and effective parenting strategies, you’d feel empowered! So, let me help.

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